I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense.”
Thomas Paine in “Common Sense”, 1776

Capabilities & Offerings

With over thirty  years of sales, management, and learning & development experience our team has learned to take a very common sense approach to our design & development efforts.  Working independently, and with collaborative help as needed, we strive to provide you with impact-full L&D solutions.

With that said, we specialize in working hand in hand with subject matter experts and your organization to customize a product satisfying the specific learning and development need of your individual situation.  A summary of our offerings are:

Curriculum Design

Whether you are developing a learning pathway for a new position, or want to align your existing curriculum for optimal performance on the job, our design process will maximize the outcomes your training delivers.  Starting with identified job competencies we then match learning activities to desired outcomes, thus providing consistency and sustainability in your offerings.

Workshop design and facilitation

Drawing on experience, as a learners, facilitators, and managers, our Custom Workshops, whether virtual or Instructor Led, are designed using simulation strategies to reflect on the job application of skills to bring enhanced impact on performance outcomes.  If your need includes innovative and engaging learning experiences, or simply putting together an impact-full and energizing meeting presentation, we can help.

eLearning Design

Utilizing the Articulate Studio of authoring tools, we can create modules, or convert your existing content to,  state of the art mobile learning initiatives that are challenging, interactive and deliver the Outcomes Today® you expect.

Our Propriety ISD model –  E.D.D.I.E.™ 

Conventional design processes do an excellent job of integrating skills and knowledge, but how far does the process go in providing for on-the-job evaluation of learned skills and behaviors.  Traditionally our L&D community utilizes Kirkpatrick Level 3 (behavior) and Level 4 (business results) evaluations less than 5% of the time.  Following our E.D.D.I.E. process, we first determining What we should evaluate (OPOs™ and EOs™),  then design the lesson or course to provide the post training evaluation.

Optimal Performance Outcomes & Empowering Objectives

You’ve already got Learning Objectives, so what are OPOs and EOs?  In our design process, traditional Learning Objectives are reserved to specific program content and are grouped into OPOs and EOs.  OPOs are those identified skills and behaviors which lead to optimal performance outcomes for the individual position(s).  EOs further define the OPO by identifying specific skills/knowledge needed to achieve the OPO.  With these two parameters fulfilled, programs can be designed/identified which meet those criteria to achieve the desired outcome.  Doing this insures strong alignment to the Job Competencies and have greater impact on performance outcomes.

Sustainability Guides™

Transfer of learning from the lesson to the job is crucial to performance improvement, yet by all research findings continually elusive.  Our Sustainability Guides are designed as a guide for on-the-job supervisor coaching  to ensure the skills and abilities trained are fully transferred to job performance.  They act as both a resource to the training itself as well as a guide to coaching the skills taught on the job by the learners’ immediate supervisor.  Implemented fully they can provide  Level 3 evaluation feedback to the organization.

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