Programs Offered

Each of our developmental programs can be constructed in the delivery option best meeting your needs:

  • Live, on-site, Instructor Led Training – classroomcustomized to your business objectives, conducted by our facilitator, or we will train your facilitators to present
  • Built as eLearning module(s) using Articulate Studio and accessed remotely via your company website and/or LMS
  • Using our blended Distributed Learning template with an appropriate mix of self study and interactive application based exercises

The topics and descriptions below are only a sampling. (Click the titles for a description)

Teamwork Concepts

Outcomes Today Teamwork Concepts focuses on the principles necessary to foster higher levels of expertise within and among workplace teams.  Participants will learn team dynamics, symptoms of dysfunctional teams, and key principles of enhanced team function.  Fun and interactive participative exercises are used to exemplify Team Concepts from a skill application basis. Content and concepts will be customized to meet your firm’s specialized need and circumstances.

MINDEX™ Training Workshop

Mindex, a trademarked program of the Karl Albrecht Institute, is a fascinating self awareness instrument.  As opposed to other personality assessments, Mindex helps the participant identify their unique Thinking Style.  During workshop participants will come to identify and implement their innate and alternate thinking styles to enhance their everyday business communications.  Outcomes Today’s certified instructors will work with clients to customize content and time allocations to meet your individual needs.

Strategic Thinking Concepts

With the myriad of programs used in today’s business environment, such as Six Sigma and BPE or Business Process Excellence, many employees struggle to implement analytical and thinking styles to fully identify strategic solutions to the many challenges they face.
This program identifies various business processes used to enhance day to day performance, and through the use of live simulations provides the participant the resources needed to function as a strategic partner in today’s business processes.
The Strategic Thinking Concepts workshop can be linked to the Mindex Workshop to provide a more robust experience.

Additional Topics:

Management/Leadership Programs;

  • New Leader Basics – help employees move from doing to leading
  • Next Steps Supervisor –  targeted to managers & supervisors having 2-3 years of experience and desiring to take their skills to the next level
  • Management Excellence – Bridging from being a manager to being a leader

Personal Development Programs;

  • Awaken your Creativity & Innovation
  • Facilitating Change
  • Negotiations for the non-negotiator
  • Influencing Your Peers
  • What Happened to Common Sense? – a program focusing on critical thinking and decision making
  • Making Emotions Work for you – a condensed emotional intelligence program



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