Curriculum Development

Change has become a daily event in today’s business world: staff performing new functions; new employees expected to demonstrate productivity more quickly; changing business objectives.

With this change, training and development must keep pace and provide new solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing workplace.  In one sense, this is a positive challenge in that it provides an organization’s training & development function with steady work and an opportunity to implement current, state of the art learning solutions. The down side is that it creates an ongoing need for  job specific training & development curriculums to expand exponentially. This expansion of courses, lessons, workshops and tutorials, while meeting the immediate need, may lose focus to the longer term job specific outcomes needed, thus creating a lack of continuity among the many offerings.

An Outcomes Based Curriculum Design Plan

Outcomes Today® has created a specific process of career mapping which enhances alignment of job behaviors and their alignment to learning objectives and job performance. We will work with your organization’s key stakeholders on a cross-functional basis to:

  • Assess existing course offerings and align to job competencies
  • Identify job critical behaviors which remain consistent and craft Optimal Performance Outcomes (OPOs™)
  • Align these behaviors with position specific competencies by identifying Enabling Objectives (EOs™)
  • Identify gaps between current offerings and job competencies
  • Create a unified learning and development curriculum where OPOs, EOs, and course offerings align to your organizational objectives
  • Provide the client with forward looking tools to maintain proper job alignment to future training and development needs that may arise.


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