A 2008 survey of learning professionals¹ demonstrated that in application of the traditional ADDIE model only 11% of their design effort was dedicated to assessing the training need. Further, only 7% of the total effort was given to post training Evaluation, and generally speaking, with that evaluation most basically using a Level 1(smiley sheet) or possibly Level 2 (knowledge uptake) evaluation.  Is this not then rationale for why we as a L&D community are continually seeking the “holy grail” of ROI of training? Accepting these figures as the norm, it is obvious that a more balanced approach would be beneficial.


Outcomes Today has taken steps to remedy this with a revised design model. Our E.D.D.I.E.™ process isn’t a radical change. We simply apply a more consistent effort in our design process to ascertain expected outcomes before the process begins (the 1st E) and incorporate final evaluation procedures aligned to that initial evaluation/assessment (the last E).

See the further pages of this section for a more in depth explanation of the steps we will take to bring enhanced performance improvement to your organization.

 1 Survey data from “SO, Now What! Ensuring Business  Critical Competencies”   2008 SPBT Annual Conference  seminar survey



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