FA 13 Gun Violence vs Defensive Uses

“The Rest of the Story” ? 

For some, we well remember this regular weekend radio show by Paul Harvey, a well-known and well read radio news personality, who did a daily News program, and “The Rest of the Story” every Saturday morning, looking more deeply into one storie of the day.

Boy! Mr Harvey’s method could really help what with today’s media reports, especially considering how “gun violence” and “mass” shootings are reported!

I certainly am not comparable to him in providing realistic perspective on stories of the day, but we firearm aficionados must find somewhere to get the facts – we just can’t rely on the “lame stream” media to tell the “rest” of the story today!

The prime source (in their mind only!) of shooting news, Gun Violence.org, reports all incidents, all be it a little unfairly. By their record, so far in 2022, there have been:
337 “mass” shootings: 387 gun deaths: 1405 woundings.  I think I count a few more deaths on the map (<) than 337!
By their definition, a “mass” event involves 4 or more individuals other than the perpetrators involved being killed, wounded, or otherwise incapacitated.  

But have no fear, they’re not myopic!  They also show the number of “defensive” shootings (2022) with the graphic (>) of “defensive” uses of firearms, however, that graphic never indicates any details or summary information.

Let’s go to their home page.  The image at left tallies up the “incidents”. Using their “Evidence Based Research” they sum up total events in numerous categories – get this…since 2013! 

That’s just real close to 10 years’ worth of data!

Total “GV” or gun violence deaths are 26,066, or an average of 2,600+ per year of their research, And Oh Ya…54% of those GV Deaths were from suicide!   

They go on to report there have been 405 “Mass Shootings/Mass Murders” in that same period.  Now, I’m just an old Midwestern boy of average intelligence, but are they then saying that 11,942 individuals (homicide, murder, unintentional) lost their lives in 405 separate events?  That means the average is 29.48 lives lost per incident!

Closer to the bottom of their 2013-present chart is a listing of Defensive Uses.  The total shown of 691 means they consider less than 70 “defensive” uses occur each year, on average. I think each monthly issue of NRA and USCCA magazines I read report nearly that amount per month!  Something doesn’t jive. 

How’s this for our modern day “Rest of the Story”?

The Heritage Foundation, a more conservative, and even balanced source of news (try their “Daily Signal”) has a three-person team that is dedicated to reporting on, and tracking, truly defensive firearm uses.  

 This team of reporters and statisticians maintain a Heritage website resource on Defensive Gun Uses in the US.  (Click on the Heritage name to see it.) You’ll find an interactive map of all defensive uses, by date, with the capability to view news reports & details of specific incidents. The site is updated regularly.
By Heritage’s reporting there have been 441defensive uses YTD in 2022, and 2,5551 since 2019.  That kind of makes the GV.com number look like fuzzy math!  I wonder how many lives are SAVED each year by a Good Guy with a gun? 

Image above from Heritage Foundation July 2022


I, nor anyone associated with Outcomes Today Personal Safety Training advocate actively seeking defensive uses of our firearms in defense of others.  You (we) are NOT vigilantes or a trained militia, or ever take the law into our own hands.  That mentality usurps being “Responsibly” armed and goes well beyond caring for our and our loved one’s personal safety when the situation dictates.

The best gun fight you can get into is the one you walk away from…BEFORE the shooting begins.  A responsibly armed citizens first responsibility is to always avoid danger and only resort to armed self-defense when you (or loved ones) physical safety is under direct & imminent threat.

I, nor my associates, are NOT legal professionals and do not intend to espouse legal opinion.  Any questions of legality must be discussed with your personal legal advisor.

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