Really, Come on Man… !!!

“Gun Violence”?  Really, Come on Man… Just VOTE!!!

I’ve had this topic on my to-do list for quite some time, struggling with exactly how to address it without sounding like a broken record…after all, it isn’t a new concept!

The July 21st issue of The Winchester Star ( ran a syndicated article entitled “Are Guns Really the Problem?”  The article’s focus is on new regulatory measures being implemented by the Biden administration as a means to control firearms in America – new BATF rules, five new federal “strike forces”, and mandates about the use of his $350 billion COVID- 19 relief fund – of which Virginia received $42+ billion. According to our 99th District Delegate, Margaret Ransone, the allocation of that $42B was the focus of the recent “special” legislative session, a portion of which may be spent on local “gun violence” initiatives.

The author, Diane Dimond, stated in the Star “If by some stretch of the imagination we could magically do away with all the guns belonging to criminals, what do you think might happen? Do you believe hardcore lawbreakers would simply shrug, walk away from their criminal life and go get a nine- to-five job? No. They would find other weapons with which to inflict their terror on innocent citizens. knives, Molotov cocktails, scissors, an ax perhaps. Criminals aren’t just violent; they are deviously creative.”  

In the 1st week of this month, in Washington DC, a 15yr old 9th grader was fatally stabbed to death, a Pentagon Police officer was fatally stabbed to death, and a Capitol Police officer war fatally run down by a car (driver wielding a knife after the “crash” and stopped by other officers).  I don’t recall, nor did I see in any of the press reports a single mention of “knife violence” or “auto violence”. It’s absurd, and as many of us enthusiasts know, ending the “gun violence” is only a means to the end of disarming law-abiding owners of the nearly half Billion firearms in the hands of Americans (legal & illegal).

As a legal and responsible gun owner, every time I hear blame for criminal activity placed on the “tool” rather than the criminal I cringe!  All too often we hear the cry about gun violence again and again in the conduct of a murder, homicide, or mass shooting at the hands of an ardent criminal.

Reading those articles, it struck me!  There are three ways we can combat this craziness and support our God given right (2A) to defend ourselves from evil:

  1. Public Discourse:       Anytime we are confronted by an “anti”, or involved in a discussion of crime and violence, steer the discussion towards criminal intent and individual freedom to make one’s own choices.  Stop in its tracks the continuing the path of making the tool the villain.
  2. Political Choices:       This isn’t (& shouldn’t be) a Democrat or Republican issue!  It is more simply an issue of right and wrong, of good and bad people, more fully a matter of  Freedom versus Tyranny!  The conversation must be re-directed and re-focused on the individual’s ability to make their own choice rather have life decisions made for them by a distant, central governmental bureaucrat (i.e.; Washington/Richmond).
  3. VOTER FREEDOM! It’s Election Season in Virginia!  The next 4 elections ALL are crucial!
    • Nov 2021      Va. Governor, LT Gov. AG, House of Delegates
    • Nov 2022      Federal Mid-term – Senators, US Representatives
    • Nov 2023      State/local elections
    • Nov 2024      Presidential Election, Senators, US Representatives

In my lifetime elections have generally been about party affiliation, “R”s & “D”s, Blue & Red.  Things have changed! Few say it, but I will…today it’s all about liberty & socialism, freedom & tyranny or individual choices & centralized bureaucratic directive.

Remember JFK?  By today’s progressive standards, the new democrats would most certainly label him a conservative.  Our elections have devolved from deciding issues in the 50’s and 60’s, to being a popularity contest (love Trump/hate Trump), to the point now that we have an absolutely clear choice between maintaining our individual liberty or succumbing to the tyrannical rule of centralized “trickle down” government.

For the next four years (and those beyond) WE MUST vote to elect candidates, regardless of party, that represent the fundamental freedoms our State and Federal Constitutions so rightfully declare for us.  Sadly, only few candidates meet these criteria.  Some proclaiming their support for liberty & freedom (rhino republicans?) while not living up to that standard once elected.

When we narrow our focus to the Second Amendment, and our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to defend ourselves, it becomes perfectly clear where our votes should go.

My suggestion for the current election in our area:

  1. Vote early:   Polls open in Virginia Saturday, September 18 for early voting.  Go in person to your local Registrar’s office and cast your vote that day!
  2. Help make Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears & Jason Miyares the new leadership team for Virginia and elect Margaret Ransone as our House of Delegates representative in the 99th District. 

One caveat…Understanding Mr Youngkin failed to answer 2A surveys from the NRA and VCDL, and has evidently decided to appeal to a more “middle” electorate, he is without doubt the only choice for Governor that will respect our rights and bring limited government to Virginia.

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